Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Parker : the idol to kill"

In the Saturday, December 15 2007 issue of the Figaro Mag, Bernard Burtschy writes quite a positive article on Robert Parker, despite the title.

Below, the few lines that caught my eye while reading it in the TGV on my way to Paris to Michel Rolland’s birthday party:
“… The success of garage wines… Even when presenting in tastings 10, 20 or 50 high level vintages, the top chateaux in Bordeaux were being beaten by unknown wineries in blind tasting. The spur from the Garage wines from Saint Emilion, very small properties producing hand-crafted high quality wines, would deeply change the landscape. Today, even if they resist to the idea, this spur gave the opportunity to the most illustrious chateaux to use some of the modern methods of production to catch-up with the group of front runners, pass them, while pushing their prices to unforeseen ceilings.”

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