Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nice weather and China

The weather has greatly improved turning what was predicted a difficult year into a success. You see, nothing’s lost!
The harvest will probably be done quickly for our few rare varietals: our Sauvignons gris, which give a very perfumed and sweet wine; this year, the grapes are already very ripe, almost preserved! The taste of the Sauvignons Blancs is starting offer a palette of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango, mandarin… delicious!)
The Semillons are starting to regain their flavors.

We are currently finishing plucking the leaves on the 2nd side, facing south, of our vines. This makes them look a bit odd with their bunches hanging. The harvest will also be done rapidly and our grapes will be able to ripen properly with the September sun.

Today, our new, good and serious client for the Chinese market sent us his order. Most likely, China will represent 3 to 5% of our activities against 0 this year!

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