Thursday, September 27, 2007

Le Clos du Beau Père

Beginning of the harvest in Pomerol for our little property, already the second harvest…Time flies!
We kept the same name for our 2 hectares in Pomerol and 1 in Lalande de Pomerol: Domaine des Sabines.
This Pomerol close to Clos René, Bellegrave, Prieurs de la Commanderie has already astonished us in 2006 with its quality. I hope this year will be at least as good, for it looks that there is a renewed interested in Pomerol by American and Japanese enthusiasts. Maybe there will be a place for us by Petrus, le Pin, La Conseillante…

Earlier this week, with Michel Puzio (Croix de Labrie), we visited the harvest being done at La Commanderie de Mazeyres, grapes perfectly ripe, then our neighbor Jean-Marie Bouldy from Château Bellegrave and his new blowing sorting table. Visit of Le Gay and La Violette owned by my friend Catherine Péré-Vergé where they almost use tweezers to pick the most beautiful grapes from these top terroirs. We were quite proud Puzio and I, to be the initiators of this respect and selection now done in Bordeaux and around the world, without even realizing what we were doing in 1991/1992… Like Monsieur Jourdain in the “Bourgeois Gentilhomme”, from Molière, we are using prose without being aware of it, looking for perfection without knowing it. It’s only now that we are finally realizing all we thought was strange at that time.

Meal at “Lard et Bouchon”: delicious flank steak served with a Bergerac and Cahors which I liked. This restaurant is located in a cave dug in the rock, with charming owner. I should go there more often.


m.k said...

I saw more written on the original french blog, and would like to know the meaning in english.
Why is it not translated?

Jean-Luc Thunevin said...

Sorry, oversight. Mistake corrected.