Friday, September 14, 2007

Crazy prices?

François Audouze writes on the LPV site that a handful prestigious chateaux are selling their wine for a crazy price, and that it is very difficult to measure the effect it will have on the rest of the range, etc…,219279

Dear Francois, I don’t believe that the effect of these prices carry over to the rest of the range and this is good news for the consumers. In fact, the speculation and real demand only affects established stars which are easy to remember for new customers: 1st crus 1855, cult wines of the world, in all, around 100 brands (maybe less).

The desire for other producers to be part of this “craziness” is only an illusion and could be dangerous. One of my friends told me that the frog often wants to look like a bull. As for me, I only see this as an incredible opportunity. Let me explain: If a few years ago, certain crus like Valandraud, seemed expensive, not so much compared to 1st growths, today, the price ratio makes them quite attractive. What is valid for Valandraud also counts for most « alternative » crus. And this while waiting for a status. Haut Carles or Haut Mazeris, which have a retail price between 20 and 30 Euros, are becoming great opportunities and France has plenty of wines of this quality at a lower price.

The last group of American buyers tasted Haut Mazeris 2003 blind and gave a price between 50 and 100 dollars!

The only problem, of course, is the good notes given by Parker, Wine Spectator, Jancis Robinson and others which helps distributors. But is it really their that the problem lies?

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