Thursday, September 20, 2007

Never seen

Analysis of the Sauvignons Blancs for the first wine
Alcohol : 14.42
ph 3.17
Total Acidity 4.30
Turbidity 167
Azote assimilable 99

Press of the 1st wine
ph 3.66
Total acidity 2.20
Turbidity 305
Azote assimilable 112

In the meantime, the Château La Dominique is starting to harvest its reds. The team, consisting of 45 persons, harvested yesterday and today and will probably stop until next Wednesday. Our neighbors, L'Evangile, La Conseillante and Cheval Blanc are probably doing the same. The nice and persistent weather we’ve been experiencing is helping reduce the yields by concentrating the grapes. The balance between the skin and the juice seems perfect and will most likely prevent us from “running-off” some of the juice which we planned to do 3 weeks ago. What is amazing with the harvest in Bordeaux, is that every time, it is a different story, even if we like to compare and associate various vintages.

Yesterday, in the village of Saint Emilion, I stopped by Yves Blanc’s real estate agency rue Guadet to ask him if he had any properties available in one of the satellites appellation (less than 100 ha or 247 acres). Of course, it is not for me, but I am often being asked for advise, or tips… it is true that if the cost to produce a great wine is about the same throughout France, it is a different story for the land. It can go from 10,000 Euros/ha to more than 1 million Euros, even more for famous wines, of course!

As for me, except for a few hectares in Medoc close to our property in Margaux, I don’t need to buy in the right bank, except if I change my mind…

While reading the forum of La Passion du Vin, I like the comments of Raymond on television: “A great number of today’s youth (but not only) is aware of everything going on but doesn’t know anything… »
And I understand better my interest in wines thanks to these few lines written by Syl20 “We’ve come full circle and we can loosen time on the clock of our little (short ?) lives”. For me, who is terrified by time that my frenzy way of life is only my own personal movie to avoid, distance myself, delay, forget the word end… end of the story, end of wine, end of the game… end of garage wines, end of a love story, of love stories, end of life.

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