Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beginning of the harvest

Today, we are harvesting a small plot of young Merlots (4 years old) in Fongaban with our full time employees.

The harvest is also starting at La Dominique as well as the whole right bank thanks to ideal weather conditions. The cool nights are helping the final stage of ripening. In any case, the real start for us will be next week.

One of our colleagues from Bordeaux bought the entire stock of La Dominique 2005 through an important brokerage firm. 20,000 bottles in one order for one client. This transaction was possible thanks to the unique system in Bordeaux called “de place”. This system of sales via a broker allows for efficient and peaceful commercial exchanges. As negotiations take place through a go-between, it allows for deals to be finalized with the best interest for both parties, which is not always easy, that of course, if the broker is good.

Thursday, we are meeting an Australian distributor to speak about Haut Carles in his country, the network for de Carles and Haut Carles is expanding slowly.

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