Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On M6, I watched with curiosity and pleasure the program « Enquêtes extraordinaires » ("Extraordinary investigations") last Sunday at 3:30 pm. The subject was about near-death experiences. It doesn’t seems to be serious, nor fun and yet it was a very good program that makes stories about return to life after clinical "death" more credible. The optimism of the actors involved made the topic interesting ...
I read a good novel during my flights to the end of the world. This exciting book was written by Tatiana de Rosnay : Boomerang.

Our “Chateau for rent” finally found few customers. It is true that if we had turned it into a B&B, it would have been more sellable, but hard to be profitable.
Fortunately, the initial goal is to have a nice tool to receive and accommodate our customers and good friends.

Bad Boy 2009 which is very well noted by French critics as well as Americans, is sold for the first time as futures, which does not prevent orders on available vintages. This wine helps to promote Valandraud: it is not tagging along Valandraud but instead, opens new markets for Valandraud and help its image.
This situation is rare enough to be highlighted: usually this kind of wine has to bought by distributors almost all the time to be entitled to the famous wine.

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