Sunday, June 27, 2010


Release of Peter Sissecks’ futures, the famous Pingus and Flor de Pingus as well as the last one, the new PSI.
The 1st vintage, 1995, placed Pingus from the outset as a wine of its own, a cult wine, one of the rare icons in the world of wine, with a special status that owes as much to the quality of the wine as well as the true biodynamic approach of the property and the charisma of its creator: Peter Sisseck. If you don’t know them:
Pingus is an expensive wine, although with what’s taking place in Bordeaux this year, it will seem very reasonable, you can try to buy some.
Flor de Pingus , which is not really a second wine but a sort of Forts de Latour or Virginie de Valandraud, and Flor really has some fans like my father-in-law (82 years old) who loves this wine.
And PSI, not expensive at all, bears the signature of Peter Sisseck.

In addition, this year is special for Peter since he became part owner of a vineyard in St. Emilion with Silvio Denz, right next to one of the best parcels of Valandraud on the commune of Saint Christophe des Bardes, on this fine clay plateau limestone.

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