Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Le Figaro

With this "Marianne" style title: Bordeaux : le banco des flambeurs (Bordeaux: gambler’s banco) - the French critic Bernard Burtschy, one of the best tasters in the world, comes on pretty strong.
It is true that seen from here in France, 2009 Bordeaux prices are difficult to understand and even owners wholesalers like us are a bit, even very much surprised by the strength of this market that swallows all these expensive wines well rated by the Wine Spectator, the Wine Advocate, Decanter, Bettane et Desseauve, René Gabriel, Quarin and even Bernard Burtschy !

He (Bernard) defends wines sold for not too much compared to the quality and he quotes (at least that's something) Virginie de Valandraud I proposed at the same price as in 2005, really.
Bernard Burtschy’s conclusion should be commented: Are there any justification for such increases?


Asking questions and answering them probably deserves a little more explanation. To say that France no longer can afford to follow, why not ... But to think that these wines, a symbol of luxury, of quality, social success for anyone who buys and drinks them, should be sold with our Franco-French means is an illusion, and if the Chinese market seems to be considered the main reason for the increase of these top brands, I can see in my company, most are bought by Americans and when India will also arrive in the market for fine wines, these famous 30/40 even 100 Bordeaux will no longer be within the reach of our past clients, considered traditional. As if we had forgotten that before the years of "Wine promotions", there were only industrialists, lawyers, community leaders who could afford to drink these wines.

I must repeat again and again that Bordeaux en primeur market is highly speculative and that besides these 100 expensive brands in Bordeaux, there is an incredible amount of very affordable and high quality wines available.

In my company, there are still more than 50 wines to be sold for less than 25/30 Euros: Lynsolence, Lalande Borie, Haut Mazeris, Haut Bergey, Franc Mayne, Franc Maillet Cuvée Jean Baptiste, Fombrauge, Fiefs de Lagrange, Faizeau, Clos Romanile ( with only 900 bottles produced), Clos Margalaine… and for me : Clos Badon Thunevin, Bel Air Ouÿ, Clos du Beau Père, Domaine des Sabines, Bellevue de Tayac et bien sur Bad Boy, without forgetting our blanc de Valandraud N°2. remarquable like Haut Carles, Fleur Cardinale, Fieuzal, Moulin Haut Laroque, Vieille Cure, La Dauphine, Tour des Termes, Tour Carnet, Sansonnet, etc...

If one adds the 300 wines proposed by Bordeaux merchants, that’s a lot of choices, at all prices and in all styles, classical, modern, darlings of Johnson or Parker, there is plenty of choice!

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Nice blog. I like the wine from France,their varieties, history and regions; Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace and more.