Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back at the office

Back at the office before leaving again for promotional trips at the beginning of July to Japan and mid August to Brazil.

In Taiwan, no time for tourism, but just to meet a nice importer, efficient and fun. Presentations of my wines and tasting meals with wine lovers and rich clients. Laurent and I didn’t see the time fly, and already we were in Hong Kong for Vinexpo joined by Xavier and Xin.
We were 4 on our stand: lots of pictures, tastings, contacts with clients and prospects, new business in the Philippines, Siberia, Thailand and of course, China…
Hong Kong is unavoidable, and not only for the top 30 brands and the futures campaign, but also for experiencing Chinese business practices and meet the European diaspora, considered an example of savoir-vivre where Bordeaux still enjoy being first.

As soon as I got back, quick round-trip to Venise in Italy to attend an event organized by our very good distributor for his clients where a few of his suppliers were present, including some Bordeaux colleague wholesalers and famous chateau owners.
Now, back to the 2009 futures campaign…

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jean Luc ,

It was great to meet you in Saint Emilion last week after your exhausting trips to China and Venice.

I would very much like to thank you and all your staff for their kindness on our recent visit.

Tasting a range of your fantastic vintages was superb but the trip to Valandraud and the opportunity to taste the 2009 barrels of Merlot and Cabernet Franc was incredible - trully one of the world's greatest wines.

Well despite the fact that I spent much more on a varity of vintages than I expected I left St Emilion a very happy man and look forward to enjoying these magnificent bottles at my leisure.

Once again thanks to you , Remecy , Xin and Anne but especially your expert Sommelier Eric Talavet who I am delighted to say has become not only my wine expert but a very good friend.

I look forward to returning in future years to replenish my cellar!

Best wishes ,

Nick Foss