Thursday, June 3, 2010


Olivier, Haut Carles and Château de Carles, Fiefs and Arums de Lagrange : these good wines are probably not speculative but their quality is consistent and could be considered good value for the money. In the meantime, this futures campaign is taking its time, it is a sign of nervousness, there is no margin for error, neither by the chateau nor the wholesalers who are unable to carry so many wines. Will next week be the decisive moment?

In the plane, I enjoyed reading a book bought in Saint Emilion : « Le mec de la tombe d’à côté » (Family grave) written by Katarina Mazetti. Astonishing book from this Swedish writer, quirky atmosphere, love story between a peasant and a librarian, full of humor, a delight and a few tears.

I drank at the airport in Hong Kong, with Eric Riewer, a good Cote du Rhone 2004, produced by Tardieu.
This epicurean journalist turned me on to the Chinese restaurant in the hotel next to the airport and told me about a good Chinese wine, made by Emma Gao Yuan: Domaine Sliver Heights.
Nest time, I will try this wine to see what I think about this new property which produces wine at 1200 meters in a new region?

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