Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blind tasting

We had a great evening and nice bottles at a couple, friends of ours who are great hosts, the pretext being to discuss soil samples before they plant truffle oak trees.
With our meal, we drank blind:
Champagne brut Moët et Chandon, Clos des Jacobins 2002 (good), Clinet 1997 ( ?), Pommard 2002, I forgot the name, OK, and a very fine bottle I already drank a few times : Pape Clément 2002 : class and a great deal for anyone who wants to have a nice bottle without breaking the bank: elegance and power, ripeness and freshness, a must.

In the supplement issue of the magazine L’Express, special selection for Haut Carles and Bad Boy, Marquis de Terme, Guiraud and many other famous wines. The futures campaign is still waiting for the big names to be released…

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