Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fleur Cardinale

Since 2006 château Fleur Cardinale has been classified – de-classified – classified – then de-classified and finally classified, at least until 2011. Maybe the incidents, which have been so much talked about, and the polemics generated by the demoted, with this classification reviewed every 10 years will be over.
Classified or not, Fleur Cardinale, which is owned by Florence and Dominique Decoster since 2001 has been consistently making fine wines every year and since the first vintage has always ended in the top 100 Bordeaux.
This is not by chance. Without beating around the bush, the Decosters have tried every year to make the best wine possible, and this without skimping on time and money. I am proud to be working as their consultant. Murielle, our daughter and I have become such good friends of this chateaux and the Decosters. Whatever the success, or half-success, our objective is to try to make the best wine possible to satisfy our customers who are the only real judges.

Each year I believe we do the maximum, and every year we fix ourselves a more ambitious goal and fine tune the little detail helping us improve the wines of this beautiful property. This property is next to Valandraud, and is perhaps located in one of the best wine areas from Saint Emilion. Lots is happening in this area, thanks to motivated owners (Faugères, Pressac, Rol Valentin, Fombrauge, Mangot, etc ...)
Like every year, I'm in Japan this week attending tastings of some Bordeaux 2008 en primeur with 2 Bordeaux colleagues.
This taking place in Osaka until June 3 and then in Tokyo from June 4 to 6
Before leaving, lots of visitors for Valandraud and La Dominique during the weekend, and many meals, of course: drunk among others an incredible Pétrus 1962 simply superb (original cork). When myth meets reality!
Also, I did an interview, a bit late, with Jean Paul Gené, journalist for Monde2.

The flower is appearing on the vines, we will see better in a few days days the real damage due to the hailstorm.

Bordeaux champion – vive football !

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