Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caramba... bis.

As an answer to the comment posted by Caramba regarding my post yesterday :
This sort of post: "ah if I dared (if I had the balls) I would tell you things" or "hold me back, I am going towards catastrophe!!" exasperates me to say the least ; tell us the name of the Château or don’t mention it.

Ah… “My friend” Caramba, always intransigent with me.
Please, leave my “balls” alone, they don’t have anything to do with this blog. I’ve had no need, so far, to include some porn to be read.

When I complain, is like when I was young and jealous – often as I was often in love and wanted to be loved, so why say unforgivable words which would make reconciliation impossible?
An argument in a business relation is not a question of life and death!
Oh, in addition “Caramba”, the brave whose pseudonym is “ballsy”.

Not long ago, I was able to end, with elegance and respect, an argument with Zapata. Lets try to keep my blog going without having to bash the “moderator”, like some of my colleagues do.

Other than that, the 2 crus I mentioned are easily recognizable by the brokers and Bordeaux wholesalers. I must insist that despite a great communication tool, a blog is not a total space of freedom, especially when, like me, one wants to exercise this profession which I chose to practice for a long time. I should also ad that I am responsible for 50 to 100 people who are dependent on the good health of my company!

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