Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice weather

Thousands of tourists are starting to come to Saint Emilion, store owners are beginning to smile and the hot sun makes you want to drink rose.
Murielle and I had lunch with 4 American friends on the terrace of Bistrot Le Clocher from my friend Christophe. The had the opportunity to see how lucky we are to live in Saint Emilion, hospitality and an air of holidays. we drank a bottle of Bordeaux rose from Grand Bireau and Compassant 2004 red served cool and especially a plate of fresh chanterelles picked this morning in a very secret place.
Table d’hotes at La Cadene, probably in other restaurants in the village but I don’t go to all of them.
Today, atmosphere is part of the main criteria for a restaurant, like the pleasure for wine is a good motive!
3 stars, in addition to higher end wines, miss a bit too often this human warmth essential for good feeling.

During Vinexpo, I am sure it will be difficult to get a table at L’Envers du Decor, an unavoidable place in our town. I go to very few restaurants in Saint Emilion – being so used to host guests at our house and lucky to have Murielle as the best reason to eat at home.

What are the restaurant I go to in Saint Emilion? Le Tertre, Le Clocher, La Cadène, L’Envers du Décor, Chai Pascal, Lard and Bouchon. And in the area : La Poudette in Pujols.

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