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Château Bel Air Ouÿ
Château La Dominique
Château Valandraud
Clos Badon Thunevin
Virginie de Valandraud
Château Mont Pérat
Blanc de Valandraud n° 1
Château Mont Pérat Blanc
Château Clerc Milon
Château d’Armailhac
Château Gruaud Larose
Château Chasse Spleen
Domaine de Chevalier blanc
Domaine de Chevalier rouge
Château Haut Bages Liberal
Château Camensac
Château Ferriere
Château Guiraud
Château Lascombes
Château Rauzan Segla
Château Beychevelle
Château Sociando Mallet
Château Le Boscq
Château La Garde blanc
Château La Garde rouge
Château Belgrave
Château Smith Haut Lafitte blanc
Château Smith Haut Lafitte rouge
Château Cantelys blanc
Château Cantelys rouge
Château Lafon Rochet
Château Grand Barrail Lamarazelle Figeac

Here is the list of wines from 2008 futures tasted in Osaka and Tokyo, along with 2 colleagues wholesalers from Bordeaux trade.
The whole trip was organized for the 3rd time by our important friend-importer, following my proposal more than 3 years ago, when I noticed that Japan is a real market, mature, far away. So why not suggest to do what we do successfully in Bordeaux? This 3rd event has become very professional and is running well and could be the perfect example of what we could do here.

2 conferences in Osaka and Tokyo moderated by a journalist-writer Mr Yamamoto, who wrote a book about the speculative bubble in Bordeaux prices (SIC), each time 40 professional attend and it is followed by an open tasting for 150 more open to 200 (sommeliers, wine stores, journalists, including Mr Tanaka Wine from Art and Ms. Ebisawa from Enoteca)
Sales are even taking place during these presentations and, if I understood correctly, our importer has increased his sales of futures by 40% this year.
Visiting some wine stores and restaurants belonging to our importer, allowed me to understand better all the work done to sell our Bordeaux, which have a lot to do to fight against the competition from Spanish and Chilean wines! The importance of Parker is just as dominant here as elsewhere, also with the manga series "The Drops of God" that has propelled Mount Perat in the category of unavoidable wines(and which also talked about Bad Boy?)
Quality meals, especially the one hosted at the house of our partner where beef stew and Kobe beef were worth at least 2 Michelin stars.
An incredible Evangile 1989, a delicious Champagne Cattier cuvee Renaissance 1999, a 2000 Présidial which I’ll taste again at how as I was pleasantly surprised by its youth, a 1988 Mouton Rothschild austere style and a very nice German Riesling Otts 2006, all the wines served in beautiful Riedel glasses and at the right temperature!
During these futures tastings, I was surprised by the high quality of Gruaud Larose 2008, which its opulent and modern style (which I like) without losing the finesse of this true Saint Julien, and of course very good Lascombes and Domaine de Chevalier. La Dominique, which has been making its comeback, and Valandraud, still famous (…said in all modesty )

Otherwise, of course, hotels and clean and comfortable rooms, the Shikansen train always as fast and above all, clean, even in the station used by thousands of travelers, you could almost eat on the ground.
Vive Japan where I have to return before the end of the year to meet my other clients.

Thank you to the whole team of our importer, the translators, the sales reps and managers, who, this year, have done more and better to improve our business and personal relationships. In any case, I got the message that our 2 houses rediscovered our ambitions!

To continue on the trip to Japan, Château Lafont Fourcat is the favorite wine of the French brasserie "Viron" in Shibuya where portions are almost as big as those of the Ami Louis in Paris. Matsusaka beef had the texture of beef cheek used to make a successful stew (the price must not be allowed to serve the same size than at home!) En primeur tastings with knowledge of selling prices are a really good way to continue to promote our sales.

Otherwise, and on another subject, Obama ate at a brasserie in Paris we enjoy doing business with (La Fontaine de Mars) I have to go to Brazil with Air France and Murielle did not decide if she will join me ... Perpignan is French champion in rugby, after Bordeaux for football. These good will certainly have a positive impact on our sales of wine:

I tasted Jean-Rosé, Jean-Roger’s rosé produced in our beautiful property. Good wine (sold directly on the premises).

The Clos del Rey 2002, drank with dinner to celebrate Perpignan’s victory, was simply appropriate for the occasion!

Many, many comments on my blog during my trip to Japan. Thanks Caramba and the others, I will take the time to go deeper in my topic "politically incorrect" to explain the criticism and what can bother me, I who besides has been so spoiled...
spare the rod and spoil the child!

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