Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time to get a smoking, otherwise nothing.

Despite all the times I tried to avoid buying one, despite all the times I stood out by not wearing the imposed suit, I finally bought a smoking.
Therefore, I will be like everyone else (on the outside).
It is of course, not bad to make an effort to adapt to “codes”, but for me, it is only with age that I accepted, and still, I am doing it for fun, looking to be…
What will I look like with this thing on me? That’s another story. When I was a bank employee, I saw so many people wear this outfit enable to hid their origins: workers, peasants, bad boys or lawyers!
Bordeaux likes elegance, I have nothing against it, everybody being dressed the same way seemed to have a form of esthetic and equality (from the top!) that I can understand.

What about our clients? They probably find this a bit “exotic”. Do Burgundy, Champagne, Napa use the same dressing codes ?
I don’t know.

Barbara was in Monaco to present our wines to the FT Business of Luxury summit and had the great honor to share Château La Dominique 2003 last night at the Sporting of Monte-Carlo with his highness Albert II of Monaco.

This event was part of the Luxury Summit organized by the Financial Times which we sponsored with wines from Saint-Emilion and Fronsac: Virginie de Valandraud 2005, Fleur Cardinale 2006, Haut-Carles 2005 and of course La Dominique 2003.

His Highness seemed to like La Dominique and express his enthusiasm for the invitation to the Jurade of Saint Emilion at the end of the week…

Did we win a new ambassador of Bordeaux wine and particularly the right bank?

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