Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeff Leve’s visit

Jeff Leve posted on Mark Squire’s BB, pics and comments on his tastings and 2 meals he had at our house.
Saturday with Paul Marie Morillon, Barbara, and Sunday with Guillaume Quéron, Michel Gracia, Jeff Leve, Murielle and I.
The first day, we tasted a series of good wine and blind, Haut Brion 1989. It lost its incredible flavors of great young Bordeaux and evolved into a more classic taste.

Sunday, we drank a sake produced in a cremant style. Surprising, especially when tasted blind. It made you think of a bubbly made with grapes. Murielle surprised us by guessing it was a sake!
Blanc N° 1 2007 from Valandraud which is really a great wine, except that no critics mentions it…
Poker face 2004 from Sine Qua Non : an anthological Syrah, +100 points in my opinion and this despite its 15.5% alcohol (according to the label)… it makes me want to experiment in Maury…
Still good, still no phase of aging for one of our favorite wines: Beau Séjour Duffau Lagarosse 1990, a miracle of harmony, power, modernity.
We don’t get tired of it.

Pavie 1989, I liked it, even if it was hard to follow the 2 last “stars”. However, if this wine was drank alone, it would have greatly made this evening a great one, certainly classical in style, but this great 1989 vintage is able to even seduce “modern” wine lovers.
Our Maury 2004, of course, and our Fine Bordeaux, still aging, and to finish, a drop of Fine Champagne from Mr Halley. I had to take a nap until 6pm, plus a walk for an hour with Max and friends to recover.

The picture Jeff took with Michel Gracia thanking God needs no comments!

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