Thursday, June 11, 2009


Comments are often more interesting than my posts !
Regarding my post « Terroirs » :

« Dear Jean Luc
New and possibly great terroirs are rare, but it doesn’t mean that there are none. I travel around France and the world and I know that good wine can be produced anywhere, but great wine is another story. As for Saint Emilion, you forget that the entire area is an AOC with incredible potential not yet fully developed. However, if you can produce a wine as good as Valandraud on the best hillsides of Entre deux Mers or Roussillon, drinks are on me! And if Mouton or Ausone are recognized unanimously or even Pontet-Canet or La Dominique, the reason is that they are located in great terroirs and that they had to wake up and roll-up their sleeves due to your work, and the garagists. Stop dreaming or make others dream. However, don’t miss any opportunity to discover a great one when it exists and where it exists!»
Michel Bettane

« Great terroirs would then have had the wisdom to be born on major routes of communication. In this, we should recognize there genius !

The qualitative permanence of terroirs which are highlighted today has only been in existence for a little more than three centuries. What happened to Falerne and Chanturgue, who remembers that the great Pétrus was only second in its village in the early part of the 20th Century. That the original size of La Tâche was 6 times less than today?... anyway, the world changes because the earth goes round and people change.

Dézaley, le Rochegrès and Sibérie will perhaps be as great as Caillerets in Volnay was in the 15th Century. Who knows what a high density plantation would produce in altitude in certain areas of the Castelet? What has become of the wines from the vineyards of Tokaj which were the first one to be classified and for a long time the most in demand?

And if simply history would teach us that it is mainly man who project certainty on their plots?»
Patrick Essa

Well, I leave it to my friends to provide me with great wines still unknown, with the pleasure to taste them together, blind with Michel Bettane and Patrick Essa, and also to win or lose this friendly bet!

Vinexpo is approaching. From June 21 to 25, almost all of us will be in our stand X 324 in Hall 3, to promote our wines and forge new partnerships.

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