Monday, March 16, 2009


Will this new Saint Emilion classification be credible following the latest court decision which only took into account the properties demoted while omitting the ones promoted in the 2006 classification?
Will the properties demoted in 2006 be able to sell their wines better than the properties left out by the last court decision. Properties which are still recognized by all deserving their promotion? In fact, if it is known that more 1st growths or crus classes should have been demoted, nobody argued the validity of the promoted ones!
Goes to show that nothing is for sure in this lovely country of France. Form is more important than content.

Château Fleur Cardinale 2008 will most likely be one of the successes of this vintage in Bordeaux and its status of classified/declassified will never take anything away from the path taken by this property. It was already well-known before the Decoster family bought it in 2001. It’s been already 9 years since I started collaborating with Fleur Cardinale and every year, I remind myself that we’ve done the best we could, and every year we make one more little step towards excellence.
Fleur Cardinale has been underpriced and therefore won’t need to drastically drop its prices to find clients, but that’s another story.

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