Monday, March 9, 2009

A lesser known wine

Mr François Mauss feels that Château Croix de Labrie, is a bit too extracted. It is true that “historical” wine are not !!

Parker has been rating this wine since 1998 and given notes that would make other (well-known !) properties dream : 93/93/95/91/88/93/89/94/94 and for 2007 92-94 !
It is a lesser known property, but it was part of the 1st wave of “garagists” and it’s consistent level quality has made many well know crus envious.
When Revue du Vin de France published a big article on the first “salon wine”, it was again Croix de Labrie. It is true that the Wine Spectator as well as several others don’t note this wine, often because Michel Puzio doesn’t show it, or the production is too small. Its purpose is not to be approved by critics. In addition, it is produced by an introverted artist who, I believe, started in 1991.

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Ryan O'Vineyards said...

Those ratings do make me dream.