Thursday, March 26, 2009

UGC, premiere

Yesterday’s tasting gave me the opportunity to taste many of my colleagues’ wines. 2008 will certainly be a good year with probably more average wines than I thought.
Tough, a bigger gap exists between producers who worked hard and are showing high quality wines, close to 2005, and serious ones, who present wines superior to 2006-2004. Unfortunately, there are also those who picked again unripe and vegetal tasting grapes of Cabernet or Merlot.

I feel that Graves have done a great job with, again, a remarkable Pape Clément and especially Fieuzal who will, I hope, be finally recognized by critics!

Château La Dominique was well received by our usual clients and this is good news for me, who is certainly closely concerned. 2008 will certainly become as legendary as 1989.

I had lunch with a friend from Bordeaux in her usual place, the restaurant Aéro. Good place with a good atmosphere and hopefully a future trip to Hong Kong?

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