Thursday, March 12, 2009


Every year, brokers and Bordeaux wine merchants are invited by the owners to taste the last vintages produced as well as 3 or 4 older ones of Chateau Talbot, Le Connétable de Talbot and Caillou Blanc.

This year again, many people attended. Chateau Talbot is part of the 30 serious and unavoidable brands. The fact that the heads of Bordeaux negociants houses and brokerage firms attended was the proof!
In any case, this is a successful vintage for Talbot, with maybe a bit more fruit and precision, probably due to the same sorting machine we bought, as well as the new consultant. This is a proof that the owners want to improve: in fact, even a well respected crus can also challenge themselves.

In addition, as the meal is usually good, it gives Murielle and I the opportunity to thank our hosts who is been the starting point of the tastings of the 2008 en primeur campaign.

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