Monday, March 23, 2009

Revue du Vin de France, L’Amateur, Gault et Millau etc...

Instead of following the same old road, why not explore new editorial directions ?
Saturday, we hosted one of the first press tastings for Bordeaux 2008. I was responsible for organizing this event (guilty but not responsible, or the opposite!). A major critic and a beautiful female sommelier (and very professional), and working in a very good restaurant, Apicius, attended and I was wondering why not make a series of films on sommeliers, cook, horeca directors from all over the world and who defend cooking and often French wines?

Every time I travel around the world to promote our wines, I am so happy to get help from the motivated French Diaspora. From Osaka to Miami, from Tahiti to Paris, hurrah to our sommelier! Well, we could do the same for English, Swiss or Koreans who defend our wines with such passion (and in addition, it would give the opportunity for journalists to travel around the world! )

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