Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2008 Bordeaux wines 2008 en primeur

UGC (Union des Grands Crus) presents its members’ wines to Bordeaux wine merchants and brokers on Wednesday 25. This will give us a good overview of what’s produced in Bordeaux and see who was successful (and who’s not) as well as which appellations have better results.

In the meantime, Jean Marc Quarin and journalists from Revue du Vin de France are tasting, so as Parker.

Astonishing vintage with a few beauties, the en primeur campaign will start early (so as I’m told), just after the UGC week organized for importers, journalists, etc…
So, for once we won’t wait for the notes, nor for the neighbor’s price. Prices should be able to attract customers. If I understand correctly, they will be close to 2004.
Will that be enough? Will we need to go down to the prices in 2002, or even 1997/ 1998/ 1999 ?

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