Thursday, March 5, 2009


1) Delisting (for Hugues)
No, for our site is not meant to be cheaper or the strongest, but instead just allow consumers to have access to the complete range of wines I have in stock. I am known to be consistent with my colleagues wine merchants. If some wines are a problem, I’ll take them off our price list. I have plenty of wines which my colleagues or my clients have never purchased, or have run out of stock! Doing nothing fearing that you will hurt someone is a “French sickness”. My dad was born in Paris and my mother in Dun on the Mosel river. They were smart enough to have me in Algeria, so my fear of doing nothing forces me to act.

2) En primeur campaign 2008
It will take place, tough, hard, so what ? Was it easy for the 2002 vintage following 9/11? Was it easy for 1991 after the frost? etc. With a good price, good wine and a bit of business sense, we will see.

3) Numbers – the reality of numbers !
The financial crisis is finally impacting our numbers for the last two months. For the first 6 months of the year, our sales reached 7.4 millions for a goal of 13 millions (instead of 16). We still need to do 5.6 millions in sales for the remainder of the year. It will be difficult, but not impossible if I look at existing orders, reservations and current offers.

4) Today, I attended the General Assembly of Saint Emilion’s Classified Growths Association where I represented Château La Dominique. Imagine the atmosphere following the recent events regarding the classification, still not resolved to date. Château La Dominique, still classified, is clearly looking at being promoted, so needs to have clear rules set.

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