Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tough day

My day started well with 2 journalists – Swedish sommeliers, full of life, curiosity, attention, sensitivity and obvious empathy. Crazy about wine, limit romantic, time flew by much too quickly.
They left in the afternoon for Domaine de Chevalier, while I went to one of these unavoidable meeting for my wholesale business, in a famous chateau, but, shush… it is a bit confidential.
The meal was perfect, served with wines at the level of the occasion and the full nine yards for high class event. In this kind of environment, even if I am happy to be invited, it is difficult for me to be “natural”: maybe because of the tie, the blazer and maybe my insecurities for I am yet not fully sure of my place. Even if I believe in my job, my taste, my energy, I feel like a needle in a hay stack. It is true that during this period, my level of stress increases: journalists, the futures campaign, existing inventory, the ones to come, clients, the ones that pay, the nice ones, the others, salaries who depend on my company, my role as a consultant, banks, etc. Everything is taking serious proportions and I feel limit depressive!

In addition, at my table, where I was surrounded by nice brokers, directors of wholesale companies or representatives of the host château, one of my neighbors made a remark at the end of the meal: “will Valandraud still be around 100 years from now, and what is it worth compared to Lafite? Isn’t it one of these fleeting successes?”
Damn, I feel I could become nasty, me, who likes so much nice people, me, such a peace-loving person - I am nor a hunter nor courageous – I could change into a lion if one puts in doubt my determination, even for a second, and my serious will to carrying on my story, our story, to the end.
How can someone, still today, in Bordeaux and as a wine “professional” misinterpret my story that way? This puts my ego right in its place, but God, yesterday was not the place to hear these kinds of nonsense!

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