Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chateau Fleur Cardinale

In response to yesterday’s comment :
"Fleur Cardinale still underpriced..." this sort of affirmation chokes me !!!

Cool, Stéphane ! I am talking about the relative price and simplifying my judgment.
The value of the real-estate: the vineyards in Saint Emilion are more expensive than in Fronsac.
The investments: the performance in the cellar, the equipment, everything is new and expensive, of course.
The low yields and labor is costlier here than in the Entre Deux Mers (though, Girolate must be too!).
All the work done: new barrels, weather, promotion, classification, etc…
Then, you have to take in account the effort made to keep the quality at the level of wines in the same category. Ratings from journalists, trying to be consistent (creating a viable brand like Lynch Bages or Haut Marbuzet costs money, no?)
And to conclude, I mentioned the price the property charges Bordeaux wholesalers and found in restaurants!
Otherwise, please, give names of wines better and cheaper than Fleur Cardinale in Saint Emilion, and I promise to think twice about before making statements which could possibly shock you!

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