Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Friday evening, we were invited for dinner with friends at Chateau Troplong Mondot.

The dinner was based on truffles and wines from Château Troplong Mondot:
Chicken consommé with foie gras and truffles

Carpaccio of St. Jacques with truffles

Beef tenderloin in brioche with mushrooms and truffles

Brie with truffles

Millefeuille with vanilla from Tahiti

Coffee and sweets

As for wines: Champagne Ruinart, Chateau de Tracy 2004 Pouilly Fumé, Château Troplong Mondot 2000 and 1998 Château Sigalas Rabaud 2001
The whole evening, the atmosphere, setting, meal, was luxurious and quality, but low key. A moment to “pause”.

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