Saturday, March 31, 2012


We tasted a few bottles of 2011 brought to my office to get our opinion: I pity with all my heart the critics who have to taste everything!
Their lips, gums and teeth will suffer. Some of the wines will certainly be on the edge of being like a mouthwash, as some wines we just tasted are so acidic, as if they hadn’t yet gone through their malolactic fermentation. It's a shame because even in these wines, the fruit and ripening is present?
For others, it is a treat, the level of 2010, it will be hard to understand that we are in a special vintage, you should hear the first comments made where it is compared the 2008, 2001 , 2007, 2002, 2004, I would have added 2006 for the form...

In Haut Carles, we tasted three vintages from the 2 cuvees made by our friend’s property: Haut Carles and Chateau de Carles. The wines were good, of course, but the 2009 and 2010 have already been receiving high marks from a wide range of critics, journalists and fans.

But this 2011 Haut Carles is likely to be one of the few best cuvees Haut Carles has produced so far. Change in winemaking technique since 60% is now vinified in barrels. Winemaking technique called integral, which I am usually guarded regarding this method; I must say that the wine has improved in finesse, smoothness and harmony, without losing the “fresh” characteristic of the vintage. A revelation from this 2011 Fronsac.

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