Thursday, March 1, 2012

Short resume of past activities

Saturday 18, a lovely young couple came to celebrate their first anniversary in our “chateau”, very romantic!

Monday, February 20, a representative from the classification commission came to see us to check our application for Valandraud. This young female enologist definitely read thoroughly our dossier as well as those from the other applicants. She visited our vineyards, terroir, cellars and workplaces, as well as the chateau and asked about our daily work. She was very professional. I hope it went well; I now have to wait for the results in June?

Tuesday, Jürgen came from Paris to talk about areas we could explore to improve our use of the Internet, which is a more complex issue, especially for me.

Friday 24, company meeting with my lawyers, accountants, auditors, as always, I am less interested in the past than the future, as our fiscal year ends on 31 August. We have already gone through the next six months, which will most likely be one of the most successful, but again, I am more interested in 2013. Our job is to be in the future, even though the past can help us understand, thanks to our past experience.

This weekend, I had a short trip with a colleague to Gstaad, Switzerland. What a beautiful winter resort! We did a tasting in a wine store and had a meal at the Gstaad Palace, where I ran into one of my colleagues also there for work. The cold weather and sports has encouraged guests invited to buy our wines.

Last week, a general meeting of Libourne’s wine merchants took place. More of us should join to help maintain such a close and useful organization.

Americans are starting to warm up to the French: 5 Oscars for The Artist and 8 pages in the Wine Spectator about the Black Sheep, written by Mitch Frank; as well as Robert Parker’s tweet on Mauvais Garcon (Bad Boy) 2009: "A Good Introduction to 2009 Bordeaux... Bordeaux's Jean Luc Thunevin 2009 BAD BOY-just plump and delicious".

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