Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yesterday, Rémi Dalmasso, Jean Philippe Fort and I blended the various batches of 2011 to present to journalists and clients.

We have this year, unlike many colleagues, many fine and top quality wine in each property: probably the result of replanting our vineyards with a density of 8400 stocks per hectare, the detail work done on the soil and the yield per plant as well as our luck for making the right choices - harvesting later and taking more risk. We ended with a better vintage than in 2007 and even 2008. Of course, this is only my opinion, but I fully prepared to stand by my statement.

Still, the vintage is generally more heterogeneous and the market more challenging; even if by some miracle, the price became acceptable by our customers, “lesser” vintages are always difficult to sell as futures the 1st year. However, let’s not forget that 2008 was a good deal for our customers for it gained tremendous value later. Bordeaux is able to make the worst or the best, so I am reasonably optimistic about the way our wines will perform.

Later, I will have a better overall impression of the 2011 vintage in Bordeaux thanks to the first tasting organized by the UGC for Bordeaux trade and brokerage firms.

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