Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Pieds-Noirs (Blackfoot or French settlers in North Africa’s colonies) and wine have a long history. Algeria was a large and important producer and some wines were quite famous and not just to “Hermitager” (color and strengthen) great wines of France until 1960 (?)

I would have liked to see an article written about this period seen from the Pieds-Noirs’ point of view, Bordeaux or Burgundy, since it is the “50th anniversary” of the Pieds-Noirs exodus and independence of Algeria. There are still a few famous families in Bordeaux of Pieds-Noir ancestry, well respected owners, even of 1855 classified growths. No doubt there must be more in the Languedoc-Roussillon and having an article written on our diaspora would have made me happy, I who was born in Mascara, famous for its fine wines. I can’t wait for the time when François Audouze will share a bottle of Mascara 1947 or even 1951!

I have to point out that my family was not in the wine industry in Algeria, even though my name may have us believe

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