Friday, December 2, 2011


Michel Bettane wrote in the famous newspaper Le monde, an article titled: “Terroirisme, the politically correct thought of the moment”.

Michel Bettane redefines, analyzes and comments in this article the word terroiriste he invented. It is also useful and interesting to read comments from different people, for or against, their thoughts, improving our understanding of the word terroir, its meaning, hidden secrets and what it suggests or reveals.

I am certainly very close to Michel Bettane thoughts. Every time I am somewhere in the world to promote my wines, the word terroir is often mentioned and I answer with examples: 1975 Margaux produced by Bernard Ginestet and Margaux 1977 signed by Metzopoulos with the advice of Emile Penaud. Equally telling are the revelation of the terroir of Pingus or La Mondotte.

The example of La Mondotte is the most telling, before and after the decision to make a great wine, same terroir and yet totally different.
Following the creation of this word by Michel Bettane, I wanted to show-off by inventing scatovinophile, necrovinophile and one of the speaker created pédovinophile...

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