Monday, December 12, 2011

The 2007 Classification of Bordeaux wines

The 2007 classification of Bordeaux wines, published by Rémy Poussart, who also owns the Grand Jury International des Vins, is a bit of a megalomaniac project from a true wine lover who wants to rewrite the laws and the classifications of wine, either historical ones, or drawn by well-known media like Decanter, Robert Parker, etc... A funny blend of contrarians such as Dussert & Gerber, who I never speak about, or sites such as La Passion du Vin where amateurs remake the world.

This 1st classification is the result of real hard work and as anything that comes out of wine tasting, regardless of skill or commercial interests; some part is good and others debatable like any human endeavor. I agreed to present some of the wines from my properties and many of them did pretty well, especially Domaine des Sabines, who arrived in 1st place out of 7 in Lalande de Pomerol wines; unfortunately many well-known crus were missing. Too bad. Still, many of our customers like it despite the bad reputation of the vintage. In the Margaux appellation, more amazing is the good place reached by our Chateau Bellevue de Tayac which was ranked 8th out of 40 wines and received a better note that the famous Chateau Margaux and many classified growths.
In Pomerol, Clos du Beau Père 2007 was ranked 12 in front of crus I know are better. Even if our wine deserves it, let’s remain sensible, otherwise it could become an issue…

The 5th place in Saint Emilion may seem correct if you look at the wines ranked 1st which are behind. Again, it seems odd, for me - to see 3 de Valandraud 2007 ranked in front of Clos Badon 2007, especially when you see well-known crus which are seriously better than my wines, and which were ranked behind. This is either due to this collegial blind tasting which mixes ratings from industry professionals and amateurs, where erratic notes have been deleted like Le Guern does.

I like “crazy” ideas and that's why I talk so much of this grand classification of Bordeaux wines, which, unfortunately for its creator, may not have an impact, or shift the current lines. I like this quote: when trying too hard to prove a point, you end up proving the opposite.
In any case it is a beautiful 1st place, overall, for Beauséjour Bécot 2007; I hope that this will have as much influence on this wine as the 1st place reached by Sociando Mallet in François Mauss’ Grand Jury Europeen.

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