Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A taste of cork

On Friday, Murielle, Rémi, our attorney Maitre Magret as well as experts, lawyers and tasting group met for a damage assessment and review our complaint about a batch of Bordeaux and determine if it was a little, a lot or not at all, infected, either by tainted corks, or by the cellar, or both, or.. nothing!

Our customers today are so precise that what could have passed for a normal taste of barrels, being too old, is now rejected by them. As soon as a customer reports a problem we didn’t detect, despite our use of advance techniques, we launch a review and even consider filing a claim. The formalism of the ISO certification helps our investigation to find, understand and possibly solve problems.
Unfortunately, our suppliers responded to our amicable request with “it's not us, it's the other ...” and... maybe it’s true.
I hope that it won’t take 3 years to resolve this problem; in the meantime, we are still customers of these two suppliers.

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