Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special moment, instant of grace...

In this period where PRs from chateaux are suspected of having multiple conflicts of interest, I still believe that one can do a good job of journalist and love people.
Well, I did not find another title to describe an amazing meeting I just had; proof that this industry is really exciting.

This subject came up because of an interview I had with two well-known journalists I knew very little about.
It’s hard to believe that I can still be surprised by journalists, their way of being, living and working, but in this case, something more made it special... they live in the Gironde.
Originally from Switzerland and Germany but true francophiles.
Rolf Bichsel and Barbara Schroeder just opened their PR agency Vinmédia and came to my place to ask me a few questions and shoot an internet film (I guess).
The style was Rock and roll, even disco; I don’t think that the German magazine Vinum would publish such article.
Barbara Schroeder’s questions were “sharp” and “fresh” I didn’t even understand one of them:
“Do you like art?” – it was only after searching on the internet that I realized she was an artist, Rolf Bichsel was holding the camera and enjoying filming us and directing our 1st encounter. I asked them: Why didn’t we meet before?
Barbara's answer was half-serious, half-teasing: “You did not need it!”
Fortunately, Rolf knows that a cat, even from the gutter, needs daily caresses.

I look forward to seeing the final film of this time we spent together at L’Essentiel on YouTube.

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