Thursday, December 8, 2011

What’s a good pairing with chocolate : Thunevin Calvet Maury

What’s best to drink with chocolate?Thunevin Calvet Maury! Often it is question of pairing between food and drink, wine in our case. Misconceptions, meat and red wine, cheese and red wines, are often viewed as facts in France.

Sauterne can be served with roast chicken and be a perfect pairing, goat cheeses served with sweet white or dry white are often better than red wine, etc... One of the easiest pairing for me is to serve our Maury wine with the chocolate desert from Lopez (the pastry chef from Libourne).

So, the question often asked about what to drink with chocolate, is easy to answer: Maury, and especially our own 2004 or 2007, a perfect match with chocolate cake, by the way Nicolas de Rouyn agrees with me 

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