Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drank this weekend with our meals

We drank a bunch of wines during our meals including an incredible Pingus 2007; this wine was alive and had amazing changes, shut tight at the beginning, a bit like a Bordeaux aristocrat, then after 45 minutes, old roses, ripe black cherry fruit... This wine drunk between 3 people would have been better in… a magnum! At the end, we had some Fine Bordeaux from Valandraud, the bottle already opened 3 or 4 months, smooth.

For Lunch, Meursault Buisson Charles 2008 with huge lobster, it was good, but even better as an aperitif in the evening. Following, we had a delicious, excellent, very modern, we all loved: Corton Charlemagne 2006 from Vincent Girardin.
Following, a serie from the Right Bank : Gracia 2006, La Clotte 2008, Quinault L’Enclos 1997, Petit Gravet Ainé 2003 and the best was Croix de Labrie 2004, a pleasure to drink, even for our guests who are used to drink high-end wine. We finished, for a toast to René Renou, with Bonnezeaux 1997 Cuvée Zénith, old style and the other wine in the competition and given by Pascal Carrère, Tokay Aszu 5 Puttenyos Henye : apricot, pineapple, a real treat with fresh mango.

We also had in a small group Valandraud 1997, 2007 and 2009, Blancs de Valandraud 2009, 1st and 2nd cuvees.


Steve said...

A mouth-watering post to be sure. But this confused me:
"At the end, we had some Fine Bordeaux from Valandraud, the bottle already opened 3 or 4 months, smooth."

3 or 4 months?
How was the bottle stored once it was opened?

Jean-Luc Thunevin said...

@Steve, I can understand your confusion : "Fine Bordeaux" is a brandy not a wine. We have some fun in ageing for 3 years some brandy (bought from a local distillery once it has reached at least 5 years of age) in oak barrels which previously held Chateau Valandraud. Hence the birth of FINE BORDEAUX DE VALANDRAUD.