Monday, December 5, 2011

Clos du Beau-Père

Tastings have many surprises: wines known to be good are not rated or even badly rated. For example a higher note was given in the UK to Virginie de Valandraud than to Valandraud 2007. This was already the case a few years ago in a tasting at Dupont Grisol at Rolland’s place, where Virginie – which at the time really tasted like a “2nd label” - was not, however, what this wine became today...

In the last issue of the beautiful magazine Fine Wine, is not noted Valandraud 2007 was not rated but Clos du Beau-Père 2007 was noted among 15 others already famous Pomerol.

Being able to get 15.5 for this property is rather a nice recognition of the work undertaken by us since 2006.

Our Lalande de Pomerol Domaine des Sabines will be our success story for 2011.

Excerpt from the article:
Clos du Beau-Père ( 13% ABV )- 15.5

MB : Excellent, full, Merlot-like nose ; classical Pomerol texture, structure, and taste, picked at the right moment, with an excellent, firm finish.16.5

TD : Dark color; a smoky nose; dark fruit on palate, with intense, ripe, solid tannins, but good balance and classic, powerfull Pomerol personality.

MS: Light nose, with wood currently dominating the ripe fruit a bit; nicely balanced, lighter style of Pomerol, slightly dry-edged for the available fruit. Fresh, ripe and straigforward, with moderate complexity and length. Drink 2013-2028. 14.5

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