Friday, December 2, 2011

Saint Emilion

The bar of the CIVB in Bordeaux is a busy place with another book signing event for a new book on Saint Emilion, published by Editions Feret (who will soon translate the famous "Feret" in Chinese) put together by the painter Philippe Dufrenoy and many pictures from Jean Marie Langery and Jean Bernard Nadeau. It is a beautiful book and great gift for all Saint Emilion lovers.
Plenty of Saint Emilion locals (40?) made the effort to cross the river. I'm certain that more people will attend the next presentation in Saint Emilion.

Some of the guests met-up afterwards for lunch at the famous brasserie Le Noailles where we had the pleasure of welcoming a few Québecois well known in the wine world.
It’s a pity that the wine list doesn’t feature more affordable wines (between 40 and 80 euros). There are certainly enough affordable wines available to sell while making a decent margin...

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