Monday, March 1, 2010

Vincent Pousson

Below, a message – a cry for help – from Vincent Pousson. I don't know if he exagerate (he's in the South of France...), but I don't go enough to the south.

“Corny? Messy? A pain in the neck? As expected, Vinisud and it's various off-sites proves what we feared; The traditional Lnagudoc is getting tired. “Marketing is dead, Vive wine!” I wrote for the previous edition... You bet! Still more cheap adverts, politics (is the cancer that's eating up this region...), mediocre rastignaqueries! Still less desire, culture and especially wine! Lets return to the essence, the meaning and blood, which made the success of wine from the south of France twenty years ago, with the peasant energy, this freedom with calloused hands, this freshness which the politcs attempt to dilute, stuck-ups, in-breds and situationists rallies ... A little respect for what's in the bottle and those who made it!
Forward! Forward, to avoid that 2010 becomes the last Vinisud!”

Vincent Pousson

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Ryan O'Vineyards said...

I enjoyed myself at ViniSud. But I would love to get this Pousson character on the show. Can you get me in touch with him?

Ryan O'Connell
Love That Languedoc