Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Temper ?

I am becoming less powerful and less essential, since one of my friends (in this business we have many friends) doesn’t want to eat at my place anymore because I invited one of his former American friends with whom he had a fall-out. This American is received with kindness by many, many chateaux - from 1st growths to current stars, and yet my friend - you follow me? the one who does not want to eat at my house – continues to have good relations with these unavoidable chateaux and their owners ...
This same friend will not come taste the wines presented at my place next week because he is angry with another of my French friends ... Fortunately there is not such famous owner ...

In this business where work and friendship are often mixed, it is especially hard to be taken hostage by the friends you have, as in this situation, and be punished because I want to stay free.
It does not matter, as long as this friend will not say bad things about me or my wines because, undoubtedly, he will not mix work and quarrel for a long time without hurting himself as I carry many wines he is friends with the owners.
You still follow me, I hope!

In my history, many professional colleagues said the worst filth, wickedness on me, Valandraud, garage wines, my “Parkerisation”, and yet I continue to say hello to them, I do business with their wines even though I am not and will never have the privilege to buy them in first tranche as a Bordeaux negociant. In many cases I drink their wine, not to pour them in my sink or vinegar-maker, but because they are good and they are part of my life.

My only issue is when I don’t like neither wine nor the owner, then I avoid them and still ...
My true freedom is to give names, but I can not imagine that my "friend" will go on wanting me to change. I put this on account of his bad temper and wait for it to pass.

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