Thursday, March 18, 2010

Consultant... or "being caught between 2 stools"

By reading Pierre-Marie Cauvin, the image of being caught between 2 stools came up… concerning making choices, speeches, wine, customers, commerce, justifications.
Example: I am a well known consultant, I don’t intervene, the terroir is the only master and… I only want to make the best wine of the appellation, otherwise I am not happy… (does this implies that I love the best terroir?)
Or, I (I mean me) couldn’t care less that the terroir is average, that it doesn’t have any history. Work, Mister, only work counts and… in the end, when the terroir speaks, that’s a fine wine! It’s another story when it comes by itself!

In other words, between what we say or what we’re being said, where the room to maneuver is the same, and as Michel Rolland might have said: if I could really do miracles ... (meaning getting each time 100 points Parker), I would not know what to do with my talent and would have too many clients

Blind, it’s hard for experienced professionals to know if the wine comes from California or Bordeaux, Right Bank or Left Bank or had the Rolland signature or someone else, whether he followed the terroir of forced his talent (when it’s done well, is it not?)
The blind tastings from the Grand Jury Européen, are a real source for questioning preconceived notions, and still, we’re talking about well known professionals. So, what about amateurs…

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