Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La Mariotte 2007

Abdou Maarfi and Marion were the first to help us setting up the restaurant Le Tertre in Saint Emilion in 1985. Their restaurant, Le Logis de la Cadène - an institution in Saint Emilion - located just below, in front of our house was busy and customers not able to be seated were kindly sent to the new comers across the street – and we greatly needed their help.
Since then, we sold our restaurant and our adventure in the wine trade has taken a major part of our lives, Valandraud created in 1991 has made us what we are today.

Marion, sister of Nelly Mouliérac, also had a story with wine: Château La Clotte, a family property, is now one of the rising wines, and Nelly can be proud of this development.
So, the dream of having their own property and their wine was confirmed with the purchase of vines around Larmande and I had the pleasure of getting a bottle from Abdou to taste: 2007 Chateau Mariotte, the 1st vintage of this Saint Emilion Grand Cru. I had already tasted the rose made from bleeding.
Well .... I do not know how they did it, who helped them, if it’s beginner's luck, but it is darn good!

Asian delicacies, spices, cinnamon and a Bourbon Vanilla syrup, a wine with ultra silky tannins, elegant oak, coopers must have eaten at La Cadène, even the cork was of quality, I am sure that the bottle was supplies by somebody they know and the designer for the label must have eaten at their place or stayed in their chamber d’hôte. Maybe they packed the vine shoots for the grill, like me with Daniel Vivien in Cure Bon. I tell you, it’s a family affair, friendship. No need for a PR agency to invent a story. The story already exists, and it is real.

Their wine is, of course, already sold in St. Emilion at Le Logis de la Cadena, rue du Tertre de la Tente, and in Morocco, Israel, and I saw a bottle in a shop in St. Emilion, I believe it was Vignobles et Châteaux. That's a nice story for the beginning of another life.
Restaurants, like banks, lead to the world as long as you can leave them.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent wine, with rich nose of black currants, vanilla, a nice touch of oak that doesn't dominate over berries. Very silky body, rich and complex with pleasant and long aftertaste. A new world style on one hand, but not being a blockbuster on other hand. Well crafted wine. Good QPR.
Israeli wine lover