Monday, March 1, 2010

Syrah or not syrah ?

Syrah is a red varietal from France, according to Wikipedia.

Marc brought a Syrah he produced in Israel: Binyamina 2006. Delicious, and easy to drink, ripe, fresh, hard to believe considering the yields are 80 hectos/hectare with 2500 vine stocks per hectare.

But what is the police doing?! It's good and not expensive (I didn't say kosher).

We tasted at the same time Syrah from Lesquerdes/Maury, a varietal also not from that area. It's certainly in France but not the birth place of this Rhone varietal.

Ours is very powerful, too black? We'll see with aging. On the other side, the Grenache, base for 3 Marie, was superb.

In the evening, we tasted a batch of 2009 Syrah, still fermenting, but once shaken well, was beautiful, soft and powerful with aromas of blackberries and pungent old roses.

Goes to show that you need to taste and retaste when just opened and much later.

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