Friday, March 26, 2010


Every year, and this for the past few years, the owners of Château Rouget invite their distributors and brokers for dinner to taste the last vintage to be released. During dinner, the conversation is fairly open, which is rare in Bordeaux. Maybe the white wines of Burgundy they co-own, Domaine Jacques Prieur, are helping loosen tongues?
Rouget is the upcoming property in Pomerol, one of the best quality-price-ratio in the right bank and the last 3 vintages have been perfect.
2007 is soft, 2008 perfect and 2009 even better !
The prices will probably not stay at the same level, this property has been the sleeping beauty and again, a family finally woke it up. It’s our job to let the world know. In the meantime, we wait for the label to be at the level of this cru.
Bravo (as a famous critic would say)

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