Friday, April 10, 2009

When China will drink our Bordeaux

La Dauphine and Chinese cuisine.
Thursday evening, the owners of Château La Dauphine, in Fronsac, invited a few friends and distributors for a dinner prepared by the owners of Bordeaux Chinese restaurant: “Au plaisir du palais” (the pleasure of the palate), to see how Chinese cuisine from Sichuan (with its famous pepper) and the magnificent wines from this property would work together.
Without a doubt, it was a treat.
I already knew that the menu was up to the level of this challenge, as every time I go to Asia to promote my wines, I always enjoy the delicious meals. In any case, the message was received loud and clear for La Dauphine.

At the end, very – very late, we drank a Château Doisy Daëne 2005. It would have convinced even the toughest anti-sweet wine; it was so different, so light, so pure, so seductive and was a great delight, even at the end of a meal. It’s the least you can expect from a fine wine.
The same day, I received the 1st Bordeaux wine guide in Chinese, published by Class Media (Claude Lada). It fills the void and will give, once available in China, some good recommendations to Chinese professionals.

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