Thursday, April 2, 2009

Various thoughts

Yesterday, the national TV channel France 2 taped a piece at L’Essentiel. The theme was about the price of Bordeaux fine wines going down due to the financial crisis. It will be broadcasted this week but I don’t have the date and time.

The newspaper Sud Ouest is giving great support to our region by providing good coverage on the current campaign: including a great article published on Alliance des Crus Bourgeois which is showcasing their members’ wines at Château Clément Pichon.

Did you say bizarre?
The police department is going around on mopeds positioning itself outside tasting events controlling alcohol levels during this period of campaign… It is true that there is no crisis in the wine industry!!!!

The reason not to drink a wine blind:
Every evening during this week, we open and drink a good number of bottles, some with historical ones. Yesterday evening, it was a Romanée Conti 1974 given to Murielle by Roger at the beginning of 1990 following a promise he made.
This wine, drank blind, would have lost its magic. Despite the difficulties of this vintage (1974!), pale pink color and translucence texture, we really enjoyed it. Un true moment of pleasure with this wine which reminded me Ausone 1849. Goes to show the power of a dream a mystical wine carries. We followed with Cheval Blanc 1999 youthful and with incredible density. The diversity increased our enjoyment. A good lesson on “wine”.

Another good reason to enjoy this job!
The pretty lady who was our guest at our house talked about wine with class, drank with pleasure and can even sell Maury… in Alsace!

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Ryan O'Vineyards said...

I just saw the France 2 segment. Interesting remarks. It should be interesting to see how the prices turn out after 06, 07 and 08.