Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thursday, I started to write a “note” concerning allocations of 1st growths from the Left Bank which my company still hasn’t been able to get. The fact that I am getting requests for some prompted me to write this note.
Yet, after talking to one of my employees, I shouldn’t complain for if I don’t get offers from 1st growths, I receive plenty of offers from other crus – hard to sell, even less or not requested these days.
I have to do the work!

It’s already been 20 years since I started my wholesale business and my company is probably one of the rare ones listed F3 by the Banque de France (3 being one of the highest ranking, just behind 3+ and 3++ in 12 categories existing: 4, 5, etc.).
And still, I don’t get any allocations from 1st growths from the Lest Bank (except for 36 bottles of Mouton in 2008!)… Perhaps my attitude as a Bordeaux wholesaler is not appropriate, maybe Valandraud had been a “thorn in their side”?

This doesn’t prevent me to do like my English, American and Japanese colleagues, buy and sell these crus on the open market, from Bordeaux to the rest of the world.
In addition, my company is busy enough with our own production to sell, including Valandraud and our wines from the Roussillon, Margaux and Pomerol. Then again, I still have the priviledge with the Right Bank , in addition to Pingus!

And Neal Marting published his notes :
Valandraud 91/93
Fleur Cardinale 89/91
Virginie de Valandraud 87/89

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